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16 July, 21:20

What are the major functions in each cortical lobe?

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  1. 16 July, 21:53
    The major functions in each cortical lobe:

    Frontal lobe:

    The frontal lobe is present in front of parietal lobe. Its functions are associated with the motivation, rewards, planning, short term memory loss, attention etc.,

    Parietal lobe:

    This lobe is present beyond the frontal lobe and thr central sulucus This lobe coordinated various sensory information touch sense spatial sense, navigation, language processing etc.,

    Occipital lobe:

    This lobe is called the visual processing centre of the brain. It takes the visual takes like colour differentiation, perception of motion, etc.,

    Temporal lobe:

    Located under the lateral fissure which involves the processing of sensory inputs, retention of memories, emotions and language comprehensions.
  2. 16 July, 22:27
    The frontal lobe is important for cognitive functions and control of voluntary movement or activity. The parietal lobe processes information about temperature, taste, touch and movement, while the occipital lobe is primarily responsible for vision
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