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2 November, 07:44

Which parts of a nervous reflex arc is usually a muscle or gland?

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  1. 2 November, 07:51
    The given question is incomplete as it does not have the options which are:

    a) Sensory receptor

    b) Sensory neuron

    c) Motor neuron

    d) Effector

    e) Integration center


    The correct answer is option-Effector


    A reflex arc is the mechanism of the neurons which controls the reflex action or involuntary responses or the instantaneous responses of the organisms.

    The reflex arc involves the sensory receptors, sensory neurons (transmit signals from sense organ to spinal cord), motor neurons (transmit signals from spinal cord to muscle), Integration centre in the spinal cord and effector.

    An effector represents the gland or the muscle which receives the transmitted signal from the motor neuron and responds by showing movements.

    Thus, option-Effector is the correct answer.
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