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14 July, 20:26

Which action would be completed by skeletal muscle tissue?

digesting lunch

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  1. 14 July, 20:32
    The action of kicking the ball would be completed by skeletal muscle tissue.


    Skeletal muscle actions are voluntary in nature and involve movements of the extremities like running, walking, kicking or throwing ball, jogging, pulling, pushing etc.

    The skeletal muscle actions are due to movement of bones, muscles, joints and connective tissues. These movements aid in locomotion and provide posture.

    Whereas actions like digesting lunch, movement through arteries, increasing of heartbeat are all involuntary actions.

    The action involving digesting lunch is done by smooth muscles

    The movement of blood through arteries is done by cardiac muscles
  2. 14 July, 21:30
    Contraction action is taking place during digesting lunch


    During lunch is taken, Food is chew and turned down to a form known as bolus. This bolus is sent to food pipe via esophagus. When the bolus reaches esophagus due to contracting and relaxation of smooth muscle in alimentary canal bolus is pushed towards the stomach along with nutrients. The repeating contraction and relaxation process is known as Peristaltic action. This causes food to reach stomach.
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