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26 June, 19:37

Determine whether each activity impacts land resources in a positive or negative way. Drag each term to the correct



Positive Impacts

Negative impacts


laws and regulation

habitat restoration




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  1. 26 June, 20:35
    desertification - negative impacts

    Reforestation - positive impacts

    laws and regulation - positive/negative impacts

    habitat restoration - positive impacts

    erosion - negative impacts

    Urbanization - negative impacts

    deforestation - negative impacts


    Desertification is a process in which productive lands become a dry, unproductive one as a result of humans or natural activities such as drought, deforestation, etc. It impacts land resources negatively in that land generally becomes unproductive and unsupportive to other lives.

    Reforestation is a process of artificially creating forest where one has been removed or where none existed before. It involves the planting of trees and leads to the creation of new land resources such as habitats, water sheds, etc.

    Laws and regulations can impact land resources either positively or negatively depending on the type of laws. Laws that promote land conservation positively impact land resources while those that promote the wanton use of lands negative impact land resources.

    Habitat restoration refers to activities geared towards restoring habitats of organisms that have been degraded by human or natural activities. Habitat restoration positively impacts land resources as natural processes are directly impacted positively.

    Erosion involves the removal of topmost layer of soils by running water or wind. It negatively impacts land resources by rendering land unproductive impacting the protective nature of soil on other resources such as watershed, etc.

    Urbanization refers to the process of actively developing an area vis a vis the construction of more buildings and other infrastructures to make a place more urban. Land resources are negatively impacted in the process as most often requires the conversion of lands to non-forested uses.

    Deforestation is the removal of forest layers for non-forest uses. It negatively impacts land resources such as habitat removal, lower biological diversity, protection of water sheds etc.
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