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The cell respiration pathway that occurs in the mitochondria is

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  1. 13 January, 08:23
    The path of cellular respiration that occurs in the mitochondria is aerobic.


    Aerobic respiration is what uses oxygen to extract energy from glucose. It is carried out inside cells, in organelles called mitochondria, through which chemical energy is obtained from the breakdown of organic molecules.

    To obtain glucose energy, a process occurs in which the carbon is oxidized and when it reaches the mitochondria it mixes with the water making a chemical compound called glucositisa (pathway responsible for oxidizing glucose to obtain energy for the cell) in which the oxygen from the air is the oxidant used.

    Aerobic respiration is a process consisting of chemical reactions that are grouped into 3 stages, taking into account the place of the cell in which each one develops.

    1) Glucolisis: It is carried out in the cytoplasm.

    2) Krebs Cycle: It is produced in the mitochondria matrix.

    3) Respiratory Chain: Occurs in mitochondrial ridges.
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