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Which statement best describes a valid scientific claim

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  1. Kashden
    B. The results that support the claim are replicable by other scientists who follow the same procedures.

    Replicable is one strong characteristic of a study that can intensify the reliability and validity of the field, however using the same procedures as the experiementation done beforehand is critical to observe the same possible outcome.

    They utilize and make use of the scientific method in order to have clear basis and evidence for their investigations. Research method is always used to answer every scientific inquiry and in gaining evidential data or knowledge. The scientific method has the following process or at least undergoes the process of

    1. Observation

    2. Hypothesis

    3. Experimentation

    4. Interpretation of data

    5. Evaluating the data

    6. Passing and recording the data

    These steps are crucial and the empirical data that these scientists obtain are very important to keep that is why research paper, thesis and dissertations exists.
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