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What happens during mitosiss?

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  1. Amanda
    Oh god, large question. My eyes hurt ... Mitosis is the formation of 2 identical daughter cells (cell division). Mitosis have 5 phrases: interphase, prometaphase, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase and cytokinesis. The chromosomes are duplicated during the cell life just before mitosis since mitosis states that it is the splitting of the cells so duplicating the chromosomes isn't actually mitosis but it is still important to mitosis. Anyway, in interphase, the nucleolus starts to disappear, the microtubule starts to form and the chromosomes start to condense. In pro metaphase, some of the microtubule connect to the centromere, the cell membrane fully disappear and the chromosomes finishes condensing. In metaphase, the chromosomes are pulled to the center of the cell via by the contraction of the spindles and 2 spindles are connected to each of the kinetochores. In anaphase, the chromatids are separated via by the spindles. In Telophase, the nuclear membrane reappears, the chromosomes un-condenses and the micro tubal breaks down. In Cytokinesis, the cell membrane in one cell breaks apart from the other cell forming 2 daughter cells or in plant cells, another cell wall is formed. (this process can differ fro each different organism)
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