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We are here to save your time, bring out the best in you, and create a community of curious pupils.

Our goals:

To break down the barriers. If you don’t understand a new topic in Maths, History or Physics, and reading books doesn’t help, we offer a solution. Ask people who can explain you anything with their own words. It makes the perception much easier.

To create a community. Sometimes school seems to be a jail, where everyone is sitting just because parents or government made them do it. But what to do, if you’re really interested in getting an education and want to have the same people around you? Communicate with pupils of the same interests on our website.

To develop your strengths. The best method of studying is teaching somebody. That’s why on our platform you can share the things you know best of all. Also, you’ll find the questions in your field which you’ve never seen before.

How to use Education Strings?

Search. Open a necessary category or type the question you’re interested in. Look through the variants. Haven’t found the answer? Go to the next step.

Ask. Fill in a special form with your task, set the subject and send the question to our service.

Answer. While you’re waiting for the answers, help other pupils with your favorite subject.

We are sure that children and teenagers need more time for creativity and hobbies, that’s why decreasing the time spent on homework is a good idea. The more questions you ask and answer, the fuller our knowledge base becomes. Save your energy for the subjects you’re keen on, become an expert, and have fun!