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27 August, 08:37

What is the balanced form fir Na (s) + ao2 (g) = Na2O (s)

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  1. 27 August, 09:26
    Balanced Chemical equation:

    4Na + O₂ → 2Na₂O


    Chemical equation:

    Na + O₂ → Na₂O

    Balanced Chemical equation:

    4Na + O₂ → 2Na₂O

    Four mole of sodium combine with one mole of oxygen and form two mole of sodium oxide.

    Coefficient with reactant and products:

    Na 4

    O₂ 1

    Na₂O 2

    Oxygen is present in group sixteen and have six valance electrons. while sodium is alkali metal and present in group one and have one valance electron.

    Oxygen needs two electron to complete the octet while sodium need to lose the one electron to get the complete octet.

    When oxygen is combine with sodium it gain its two valance electrons from two sodium atom and form anion while sodium loses its valance electron to wards oxygen and form cation. The bond form between them is ionic because one is metal and other is non metal and electrons are completely transfer from two sodium atom to one oxygen atom.
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