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1 October, 01:05

What's the ionic equation for lithium + water

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  1. 1 October, 03:57
    2Li (s) + 2H₂O (ℓ) ⟶ 2Li⁺ (aq) + 2OH⁻ (aq) + H₂ (g)


    An ionic equation uses the symbols (aq) [aqueous] to indicate molecules and ions that are soluble in water, (s) [solid] to indicate insoluble solids, and (ℓ) to indicate substances (usually water) in the liquid state.

    In this reaction, solid lithium reacts with liquid water to form soluble lithium hydroxide and gaseous hydrogen.

    1. Molecular equation

    2Li (s) + 2H₂O (ℓ) ⟶ 2LiOH (aq) + H₂ (g)

    2. Ionic equation

    Lithium hydroxide is a soluble ionic compound, so we write it as hydrated ions.

    2Li (s) + 2H₂O (ℓ) ⟶ 2Li⁺ (aq) + 2OH⁻ (aq) + H₂ (g)
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