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How does the properties of matter in liquid and gas state allow the Herons fountain to work?

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  1. 24 June, 13:44
    Heron's fountain is an hydraulic machine that works because or the pressure inside of the system. Water will flow from high gravitational potential energy to low gravitational potential energy. The two sides of the system will present different pressure because they have different fluids in it (water and air) and water pressure is higher than gas/air pressure, so it will flow.

    It is important to take into account that the pressure in the columns is a function of the height of the fluid (water or air).


    The properties of liquid:

    - If a liquid is poured into a container, it will adapt to the container's shape

    - In a liquid state, the molecules have a kinetic energy higher than in a solid state

    - Liquid particles are not arranged in a regular way but they are very close to each other, that's why liquids have a definite volume.

    - Force is spread in an even way through a liquid, so the liquid particles are displaced if an object is placed in it.

    - Liquids, as solids, can't be compressed

    The properies of gas:

    - They are everywhere

    - Gas molecules are disorganized and have a great deal of space between them

    - Gas fill up any container and spread indefinitely

    - Gas molecules have a high kinetic energy

    - If gas is put under pressure, the space between particles will decrease and collisions between them will increase.

    - If the temperature of the gas increases in a container, the pressure will increase; if the temperature decreases, the pressure sill decrease.

    - It can be compressed

    - Gas has no definite volume nor definite shape.
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