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29 August, 14:41

How many grams of CO2 are in 2.1 moles of the compound

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  1. 29 August, 15:10
    Answer: Chemical Reactions, Acids, and Bases Unit Test

    1. 24 mL of Mg burn in 32mL O2 to produce 56 mL of MgO

    2. 92.4

    3. Bonds of the reactants are broken, and bonds of the products are formed

    4. The reaction rate decreases

    5. in chemical equilibrium

    6. The equilibrium shifts to the right and more products are formed

    7. the I ion and the positive end of a water molecule

    8. Less than 0 degree Celsius

    9. Greater than

    10. Solubility

    11. feels slippery

    12. MgCl2 and H2O

    13. accept a proton and become NH4+

    14. stay about the same

    15. electrolyte

    These are the answers I put for the short answers:

    16. The double-replacement is KBr+. The resulting compound is AgNO3+AgBr

    17. The ion that is formed is Br. The bromine gets reduced

    18. Buffer solution is a solution that is resistant to large changes in pH

    19. The peaks are called the activation energy. It is energy used to get the reaction going.

    20. It is supersaturated

    21. According to the figure above detergent is a base

    Part 2: These are the answers that I put as well

    1. 4Fe+3O2=2Fe2O3 3:2

    2. 1.31M

    3. 300mg of water

    4. 60.46 kJ would be absorbed during the reaction
  2. 29 August, 16:35
    The amount of grams would be 92.4g
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