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2 June, 21:29

Identify 3 physical changes that could occur with a sheet of paper

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  1. 2 June, 23:17
    1. Dimensions: The sheet can be cut into several smaller pieces.

    2. Shape: the sheet can be formed into a paper ball or any other shape (using origami for example).

    3. Color: You can use crayons to paint the sheet and change its color.


    Physical changes do not change the chemical properties. They do not transform the compounds that form the substances. They do not break and or form chemical bonds.

    When you change the form, the state (solid, liquid or gas), the color, you are just changing physical properties.

    Only chemical changes change the compounds that form the substance. For instance, if you burn the sheet of paper, then you are causing a chemical change because the organic matter in the paper will react with oxygen forming CO₂ and water, but by cutting, folding, smashing, or coloring with crayons, the compounds in the sheet of paper do not change.
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