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29 August, 15:32

What is the molar mass of AlCl3?

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  1. 29 August, 17:03
    133.33 g/mole


    To get the molar mass, you will need to first determine the atoms in the compound.


    We have aluminum (Al) and Chlorine (Cl)

    Next step is to determine how many atoms of each element you have in the compound. The subscript will tell you how many. If you see no subscript, that means 1 atom.

    Al = 1 atom

    Cl = 3 atoms

    Then you multiply the number of atoms by the atomic weight to get the molar mass of each element and add them up to get the total molar mass of the compound:

    Element # of atoms atomic weight molar mass

    Al 1 x 26.98 g/mole = 26.98 g/mole

    Cl 3 x 35.45 g/mole = 106.35 g/mole

    TOTAL = 133.33 g/mole
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