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9 November, 17:11

What is the chemical name for Fe (HCO3) 2

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  1. 9 November, 18:14
    The answer is Iron (II) Hydrogen Carbonate. It can also be known or referred as Ferrous Hydrogen Carbonate or even Iron (II) Bicarbonate. The known formula for this chemical is Fe (HCO3) 2. The Molar Mass of this chemical is known as 177.8787. Here are some chemical reactions that may be equivalent to this chemical: FeCO3 + H2CO3 = Fe (HCO3) 2; or Fe (HCO3) 2 = FeCO3↓ + CO2 + H2O; or Fe (HCO3) 2 + 2HNO3 = Fe (NO3) 2 + 2H2O + 2CO2
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