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27 November, 18:25

Considering the following code segment:

if (num <0) {

alert ("It's a negative num.");


else {

alert ("It's a non-negative num.");


What will be displayed if num=0?

It's a positive num.

It's a non-negative num.

It's a zero.

Nothing will be displayed.

Answers (1)
  1. 27 November, 19:34
    It's a non-negative num.


    As the value of num=0 is given in the input. First it will check "if (num<0) " condition,

    here this condition false. Then it will check "else" condition and give an alert as

    "It's a non-negative num.". In there is "if-else" condition given, only one of them

    will be executed based on their TRUE value.
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