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28 February, 20:01

Describe the influence lady Macbeth has on Macbeth

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  1. 28 February, 20:16
    Answer: Lady Macbeth manipulates Macbeth into killing Duncan.


    Lady Macbeth is one of the strongest female characters in Shakespeare's plays. In Macbeth, she plays a crucial role in Macbeth's rise to power, and ultimately his downfall. Since Macbeth and his wife made a plan to kill King Duncan in order for Macbeth to become a king, Macbeth hesitates to do 'the deed.' He is aware of the consequences and the fact that he will be haunted by guilt afterwards. By bringing his masculinity into question, Lady Macbeth convinces her husband to go through with a plan.
  2. 28 February, 21:42
    She is manipulative and is shown to do anything to become queen she awakes Macbeth's ambition she also wants all her feminine characteristics to be taken away by evil demonic spirit which we can link her to be witch like she also emasculates her husband as he doesn't want to kill Duncan due to his loyalty but later in the play her spirits are no longer with her rather she is driven by guilt and remorse. She then later dies as Macbeth's ambitions have been awoken by her he kills more and more innocent people and believes in the witches which cause his downfall and ambition!
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