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8 June, 19:54

What is the central idea in apollo and hyacinthus

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  1. 8 June, 21:59
    The central line in "Apollo and Hyacinthus" is the concept of loving and losing.


    Apollo and Hyacinthus is a Greek myth that talks about the loss of the loved one. That's because this myth tells the story of Apollo (son of Zeus) who fell head over heels in love with Hyacinthus (a mortal man). However, Hyacinthus was also coveted by other mortals.

    One day Apolo and Hyacinthus, who were spending time together, decide to fight over playing discs for each other. However, Apollo, who is a God and therefore has a strength greater than human strength, throws the disc that hits the skull of Hyacinthus and kills him immediately, leaving Apollo in the greatest sadness and melancholy, for having lost the person he loved.
  2. 8 June, 22:46
    Ovid has a beautiful passage about Apollo holding the dying youth, desperately trying to use his skill with medicine to keep him alive. But even the mighty god of healing could not save the one he loved. In honor of his lover, Apollo makes a flower spring up from Hyacinthus' blood.
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