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28 August, 11:49

What is the value of virtual currency? Why can virtual currency be so expensive?

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  1. 28 August, 12:34
    First of all, I said that these altcoins refer to tokens that are actually implemented using blockchain technology. Instead of issuing tokens for the purpose of circling money and cheating money. Of course, at present, the market has a large amount of money in the money, so it is necessary to do basic work before investing.

    The core of blockchain technology is decentralization, and decentralization is distributed accounting. That is, let everyone keep a book together and not tamper with it. To achieve distributed accounting, a large number of participants need the computing power support (centralization is supported by the service provider, so the center can control the data).

    Participants will also incur costs if they provide computing power. If no one pays this cost, it will not work unless it is a public interest project. Therefore, the token, which is the so-called altcoin, can be distributed to the provider of the computing power in a rewarding manner, so that the computing provider (now generally called the miner) has a profit.

    Therefore, successful blockchain applications can solve problems or improve efficiency and generate revenue, which can cover the cost of distributed accounting.

    The virtual currency itself is worthless (but the USDT and XAU are not the same). It's just being fired. Everyone thinks that this thing will be worth investing and then investing, and its price will naturally rise.

    The biggest value is the difficulty of fraud. It is almost impossible to falsify the current state of the art without a large-scale breakthrough in quantum computers. At present, the biggest loss of virtual currency is that hackers have little to do with the virtual currency itself.

    The value of money lies in the general equivalent of circulation. As long as such technical requirements are met, and more convenient things are valuable, the value lies in the recognition of its large population.
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