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15 May, 10:34

What is the authors main claim in the text ''someone might be watching'' by shelby ostergaard

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  1. 15 May, 11:20
    Dystopian fiction exaggerates existing problems in our reality to show readers what could happen if society continues down a certain path like taking its "quest for perfection too far".


    In Shelby Ostergaard's informational text "Someone Might Be Watching - An Introduction to Dystopian Fiction", the author claims how dystopian worlds are not a faraway idea of humanity. Considering the wants and constant pressure of humanity to achieve further advancement and development might as well bring upon the fictional world of a dystopia that has been the work of only writers.

    This possibility of attaining a dystopian world is not a far fetched idea. Though just a work of fiction, these presentations of a world where there is loss of liberty, individuality and misinformation are a much nearer reality of man's current situation. Aside from the present issues of scientific progress and even the dark side of any research on the scientific and health, man seems to want more better things, which is reasonable. Man's wants are impossible to be fulfilled, for they want something or the other even after gaining what they want in the first place. Likewise, the unwarranted wants of man for perfection may lead to the fictionalized worlds of dystopian society which we have, till now, seen only in the books. The writer ends the text with a warning about what or how "the world might look like if we take our quest for perfection too far", just as a fun-house mirror shows the 'unnoticed' flaws of a person.
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