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2 June, 17:52

Proiecteaza cit mai multe masuri de prevenire si de combatere alunecarilor de teren

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  1. 2 June, 19:12
    The susceptibility of a given area to landslides can be determined and described based on the danger zoning. A map of the danger of landslides can be drawn up at the beginning of the planning study and developed as the study progresses. To determine the extent of the danger of landslides, you need to identify certain areas that could be affected by a harmful landslide and analyze the difficulties of occurrence in a given period of time.


    Before sliding:

    -Build or live in safe areas.

    -Protect the forests.

    -Avoid cutting down trees and burning them.

    -Identify the areas with possible landslide threats.

    -Study alternative routes for evacuation.

    -Avoid the accumulation of garbage in the soil.

    During the slide:

    -Keep calm.

    -Start evacuation activities.

    - Alert relief bodies.

    After the slip:

    -Don't walk on rubble.

    -Keep away from rural areas.

    -Do not return home until it is verified that it is safe.

    -Attend to the possible injured.

    -Provide emotional support to affected people.
  2. 2 June, 19:26
    Measure that combat landslides are given as under:


    1. Tree belt plantation

    2. Controlling of overirrigation and overgrazing of soils.

    3. introduction of the metallic elements which increase the shear strength.

    4. The creation of a proper drainage pathway.

    5. Use of thermal treatment on potentially unstable hillsides.
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