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What physical features are the five largest cities in the u. S. Near?

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    Five largest cities in the US

    1. Alabama

    2. Alaska

    3. Arizona

    4. Arkansas

    5. California


    Physical features of these cities

    1. Alabama: Montgomery is the state capital and site of many landmark civil rights events, like the Montgomery bus boycotts throughout 1955 and 1956 and the Selma-to-Montgomery March for voting rights in 1965.

    The nation's oldest baseball field, Rickwood Field, which opened in 1910, is located in Birmingham.

    2. Arizona: Phoenix is the most populous state capital with approximately 1.5 million people living there. According to the National Climatic Data Center, the sun shines on Phoenix for 85 percent of its daylight hours.

    3. Arkansas: Little Rock became the capital of the territory of Arkansas in 1821. The name "little rock" comes from the French explorer Bernard de la Harpe. In 1722, he saw rock formations jutting out from the Ouachita Mountains and named one group the big rock and the other the little rock.

    4. California: this is the third largest city in the United States. California boasts mountains that are visible from just about anywhere in the state. Two main mountain ranges dominate: the Sierra Nevada and the Coast Range. The Coast Range runs from the northwest all the way down to the Mexican border, across 800 miles of terrain.
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