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12 January, 00:03

Define geography giving both the traditional and current definition.

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  1. 12 January, 00:50
    geography of what ...
  2. 12 January, 00:59
    Answer: The traditional definition of Geography comes from the "Greek" term 'Geographia' as coined by the father of Geography, Eratosthenes. It defines Geography as 'description of the Earth' ('Geo' meaning Earth, and 'graphia' meaning description). The current standard definition of Geography is a science which deals with the 'description', 'distribution', and 'interaction of the diverse physical', 'biological', and "cultural features" of the "earth's surface". Explanation: Not all the sub-disciplines of Geography were discovered in ancient times and thus, the scope of the study was limited. Later, as the applications of Geography started coming to light, sub-disciplines in the larger discipline of Geography were discovered and thus the definition conventionally kept changing to broadly include the newly discovered applications of Geography.
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