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28 February, 17:41

In what country did the renaissance begin?

Answers (2)
  1. 28 February, 19:06
    Answer: Italy (Tuscany and the North of Italy).

    Explanation: renaissance can be called cultural revolution so it took place in many areas of human life. Some speak about reinaissance psychology and believe that change took place in collective psychology of Europeans. But it started in Italy and later got exported to other countries in the North of Europe. It had different characteristics in each country.
  2. 28 February, 19:30
    Answer: Italy

    Explanation: The Renaissance was a cultural movement that initially began in Florence, Italy, but later spread throughout Europe. It started around 1350 and ended around 1600. During the Renaissance (a word that means "rebirth"), people experienced changes in art, learning, and many other things.
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