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French and Indian war contributed to the American Revolution because?

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    The American Colonies fought in the French and Indian war on the side of the British. Colonists' fathers, brothers, and sons died so Britain could obtain the Ohio River Valley and French Canada. After Britain won, the colonists began moving into the Ohio River Valley, but the natives who had fought alongside the French were still living there. The French had a thriving fur trade with natives, and the British abused this trade when they took it over. Chief Pontiac led a group of natives who attacked and raided settlements along the borders of VA and PA. In order to keep peace with the natives, Britain passed the Proclamation of 1763, which stated the colonists couldn't move west of the Appalachian Mts into the Ohio River Valley. The king sent 10,000 troops to enforce this. The colonists believed they had a right to settle any British land, and feared the troops would interfere with their rights. This made tensions between the British and the colonies grow significantly.

    Plus, the French and Indian war was expensive. To pay for it, Britain passed new taxes on the colonies. These included things like the Stamp Act and the Navigation Acts. The colonies had no representation in Parliament, so they believed only their colonial assemblies such as the VA House of Burgesses had the right to tax the colonists. It wasn't really about the money, more the principle.
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