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11 January, 09:47

What did the Gilded Age reformers have in common with Jackson Era reformers

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  1. 11 January, 11:31
    Gilded age reforms were called to be the age of civil service reforms. Jacksonian era is called to be the age of democracy and era of common man.


    Gilded age was the period wherein many social and political reforms took place. Corruption said to be rampant and party politics occupied the major place., industrialization had a major impact on the society which produced large urban poor and social problems like pollution and crime increased. Pendleton act resolved the patronage system and merit examinations were kept to recruit for government jobs. temperance and women suffrage movements were active during gilded age. ]

    Jacksonian democracy is the philosophy advocated during the presidentship of Andrew Jackson. Important principles of Jacksonian democracy were the equal protection of laws, aversion to aristocracy and wealthy people domination in the sphere of politics. Privileges and Predilection for the common man and welfare of the community.
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