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The powhatan indians of the early 17th century could best be described as

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    The Powhatan Indians of early 17th century could best be described as having a tense and confrontational relationship with British settlers.


    The Powhatan, who lived on the east coast of North America at the time of the first settlers, were in fact not an independent people, but a confederation consisting of a number of smaller Indian peoples who together formed a strong union. They were part of the Algonkin language family. Until about 1400 the nations had lived in a loose partnership, but in the years that followed a number of leaders fought for a closer union between their peoples and thus formed one of the few North American empires that resembled Mexican civilizations. For a long time the federation consisted of the Powhatans, the Arrohatecks, the Appamattucks, the Pamunkeys, the Mattaponis, and the Chiskiacks; in 1598, the Kecoughtans also joined under pressure from chief Powhatan, who was named after the most dominant tribe in the area.

    However, with the arrival of the English colonists in Jamestown in 1607, the invasion of the new arrivals and their constant increase in numbers on what had been Indian land, resulted in conflicts that became almost continuous for 37 years.
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