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14 July, 17:14

What was George Washington's stance on slavery?

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  1. 14 July, 18:08
    George Washington owned enslaved people from age eleven until his death, when his will promised his slaves freedom. His actions and private statements suggest a long evolution in his stance on slavery, based on experience and a possible awakening of conscience.
  2. 14 July, 18:40
    George Washington was among the people who owned people who were enslaved, starting from the age of 11 until their demise. He always promised freedom to his slaves. Therefore in his stance of slavery, he was awakening the conscience of supporting the slaves because he did not make any statement in public regarding the emancipation of the slaves.

    As a concerned man he acted strong by protecting the slaves and other injustices that the slaves were facing and later wrote a will that was to free the slaves.
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