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2 June, 18:24

Was Earth's magnetic field "normal" or reversed 65 million years ago

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  1. 2 June, 19:46
    Earth's magnetic field was reversed than today's magnetic field, 65 million years ago.

    Answer: reversed


    The present North and South pole on the geographical region above Earth crust is opposite beneath the same as North to be South and South to be North pole. Before 65 million years, Earth polarity was same beneath as currently above Earth's crust. It reversed and the Earth faced the mass extinction.

    The magnetic field of the Earth was opposite to what it is found today, 65 million years ago, which is considered to be the time for mass extinction. It has been found that the magnetic field which consist of polarity as north and south is opposite to be what is found on the geographical land to the one found below the Earth surface.
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