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9 November, 06:33

What reality did the North face during the Battle of Bull Run?

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  1. 9 November, 08:23
    Battle of Bull was a major land battle in Virginia, which took place on July 16, 1861. Until then, the northern press and the public was desirable that the Union's army would win, and gain an advance, ahead of the planned meeting of the Confederate Congress. In this battle, 3000 Union soldiers and 1750 Confederate soldiers were killed. The result of the battle was the knowledge that the Union's army had a false hope of a quick and easy victory, while on the other hand, the soldiers of the Confederation celebrated.

    It shocked all those in the north who hoped to quickly and easily win the war, not just this battle.
  2. 9 November, 09:09
    In 1869, General Irvin McDowell, from the Union Army, was sent by President Abraham Lincoln to plan an offensive against the Confederate Army that would open their way towards Richmond, where the Confederate Congress would take place on July 20 in that year. The offensive would take place near Manassas Junction, Virginia.

    General McDowell knew that many of his men were not ready to launch an offensive and asked for a postpone in order to schedule a training. However, the President ordered to launch the offensive without postponement. This resulted in a defeat against the Confederate forces, as these army's intelligence networks had already informed Confederate General Beauregard about the precarious situation of the Union Army.
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