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12 January, 02:53

explain the place of sexuality in God's plan for humanity and ways that its expression may be "distorted"?

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  1. 12 January, 03:05
    God created human beings as sexed beings, that is, male and female. In Genesis 1:27, we can clearly see the distinction between male and female in creation.

    God created man and, later, woman for the purpose of uniting them, making them "one flesh." Genesis 2:24 emphasizes the complete identification of the two personalities in marriage. The passage tells us that God instituted marriage and that it should be monogamous and heterosexual, the complete union between two persons (man and woman) ".

    Donald Goergen says that sexuality and spirituality are not enemies, but friends. In fact we can not separate the two themes, the beauty of sexuality can only be truly realized if there is also spirituality.

    Contrary to what Christians say, sex, in the negative and sinful aspect, has dominated our culture in a destructive way for man. Societies (modern and ancient) have transformed the beauty of sexuality into a goddess, who is worshiped, and whom people serve on a daily basis.

    The believer must first understand that it was God who created sexuality ("sexual" parts in man and woman), creating them with a nervous system so that they could enjoy delicate and healthy pleasures. Secondly, sexuality is part of the individual, but it is not the highest goal of life for man, but salvation in Christ. Third, sexual pleasure was designed by God to be enjoyed only in marriage.
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