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What were the reasons for the revolt against "uncle joe" cannon?

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    Joseph Gurney Cannon known as the "Uncle Joe" Cannon who was one of the most powerful speaker of the house in the United State history. He is the second longest continuously serving speaker of the house from Republican party. he had immense control over the house of representatives of United States. Using his power, he could block the file from passing which he didn't like. He was also against of any kind of reform. He wanted America as it was.

    With immense power and law, he could control the which file would go on the floor, would be presented for vote as the speaker. He suppressed the law from voting which he didn't support.

    On March 17, 1910 after failing two times to curb Cannon's power over the house the Nebraska representative Norris along with 46 progressive republican and entire 149 democrats to revolt against Cannon. On that day some of the most powerful allies of Cannon were absent.

    However, Cannon survived but his absolute power over the house decreased.

    So the main reason of revolt against Cannon was his absolute use of power, non progressive thinking.
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