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What were some of the primary values of the Moral Majority?

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    Moral Majority is a United States political organization of ultraconservative and Christian fundamentalist orientation, which functions as a lobby. It was founded by Jerry Falwell in 1979. It is closely linked to televangelists and supported by the right wing of the Republican Party. It reached its greatest influence in the federal government during the presidencies of Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr. It is considered one of the essential components of the so-called New Right or New Christian Right.

    At its peak, Moral Majority reached four million affiliates in 27 state organizations (the largest in the state of Washington) and two million donors.

    Although nominally founded in 1979, it was dissolved in 1989, and consolidated in 2004, the maintenance of its identity and the activity of the people and groups identified with it has been a constant, being at the root of later movements, such as the Tea Party Movement or the self-styled alternative right.
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