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8 June, 18:18

What should be distributed immediately following soup?

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  1. 8 June, 21:08
    Bread rolls


    Soups are usually served with a side dish of bread rolls. They go in hand in hand as a starter course. Although soups can also be served with other dishes or platter which can go on top of the soup or beside the soup as a side dish.

    According to Martha Stewart, a renowned chef,'' When choosing your pairings consider'': if the dish can go with the soup chosen. She advises to ''try a crusty sourdough for dipping in chowder or a corn chip for scooping up black bean soup''.

    She also reiterates that if it is going on top of the soup you should try it with bacon bits or crumbled nori or tofu croutons for vegetarians. If it is going in the soup, she says to ''add a dollop of creme fraiche or a spoonful of pesto that gets stirred in''. Furthermore, if it is going near the soup as a side and is going to stand on its own, then add a smorrebrod sandwich.
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