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What happened to greece after the peloponnesian war?

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    Strife among prominent city-states contending with one another for power continued to plague Greece in the years following the Peloponnesian War. The losses of population, the ravages of the plague1, and the financial difficulties2 brought on by the war caused severe hardships for Athens. Not even the amnesty that accompanied the restoration of Athenian democracy in 403 B. C. could quell all the social and political animosities that the war and the rule of the Thirty Tyrants3 had exacerbated, and the most prominent casualty of this divisive bitterness was the famous philosopher Socrates4, whose trial for impiety in 399 B. C. resulted in a sentence of death. The Athenian household - the family members and their personal slaves - nevertheless survived the war as the fundamental unit of the city-state's society and economy.
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