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24 March, 06:44

Shuffle a standard deck of playing cards and deal one card. define events j

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  1. 24 March, 07:22
    The question is missing some parts. To complete, J is the event of getting a jack and R is getting a red card.

    The first question is to look for the P (J) and P (R) =

    P (J) = 4/52 = 0.077; since there are only 4 jacks in a standard deck.

    P (R) = 26/52 = 0.5; 26 because there are 13 each for diamonds and hearts.

    The second question is to describe the event J and R in words. Then look for that event’s probability.

    The card is a red jack or the card is red and a jack. P (J and R) = 2/52 = 0/038

    The last question is explain why P (J or R) is not equal to P (J) + P (R). Then use the general addition rule to compute for P (J or R).

    The event card is red and card is jack are not mutually exclusive meaning two or more events can happen simultaneously. Thus one will count two cards twice unless using the general probability addition formula.

    The probability for P (J ∪ R) is:P (J ∪ R) = 2 + 2 + 24 / 52 = 28/52 = 0.0538Or the other solution would be:P (J ∪ R) = 4/52 + 26/52 + 2/52 = 28/52 = 0.0538
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