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19 October, 23:00

Solve the quadratic by quadratic formula below

x squared-14x=-49

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  1. 19 October, 23:21
    Equation ax²+bx+c=0 arrange the equation x²-14x+49=0 a=1 b=-14 c=49

    General Formula = b + or - √b²-4ac/2a by substituting gives us

    -14 + or - √0/2 so we have one answer because 4ac is to b2 and √0 = 0 - 14/2 = - 7 The answer is one solution - 7. If you want and extra hint there it is: b²-4ac is called the discriminant because it shows you how many solutions the equation will have if it's positive then it's 2 solutions and if it's zero then it's one solution and if it's negative no solution because b²-4ac is under a root and if a negative number is under a square root then it's undefined.
  2. 20 October, 01:13


    (x-7) (x-7)




    Use ZPP



    Final answer: x=7
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