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8 June, 21:31

Add or subtract the polynomials.

(m + 4m2 + 6) - (3m - 8m2)

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  1. 8 June, 23:15
    12m2 - 2m + 6

    Step-by-step explanation:

    First, you combine 4m2 and - 8m2 because nothing is raised to a power higher than 2. 4m2 - - 8m2 is the same as 4m2 + 8m2 which leaves you with 12m2 as your first term. Next, you combine m and 3m because these are each raised to a power of 1. m - 3m is the same as 1m - 3m which is - 2m (your 2nd term). You are left with 6 and nothing to combine it with, so you simply add 6 to the end of you equation as the 3rd and final term.
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