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3 June, 09:17

How many pieces of 1/3 can u get from 7/8

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  1. 3 June, 10:40
    By dividing 7/8 from 1/3 in a calculator, I got the answer of 2.625

    You can also find the fraction answer by doing this by hand:

    1 8 8

    - x - = - --

    3 7 21

    Remember that dividing fractions is easily done by multiplying the first fraction (in this case 1/3) by the reciprocal (reverse) of the second fraction.

    As a side note, according to the commutative property, you can change where terms are in an expression where multiplication or addition is taking place. BUT, this doesn't apply to subtraction or division as according to the closure property, addition or multiplication between two "real numbers" always results in a real number. On the other hand it is not always the case for division or subtraction, SO 1/3 divided by 7/8 equals 8/21, but 7/8 divided by 1/3 equals 21/8 (which is a different answer and not the one you want).
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