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24 March, 21:31

Which expression is equivalent to - 12 (3x-3/4) ?

Answers (2)
  1. 24 March, 21:43
    Answer: This expression is equivalent to - 36x+9.

    Step-by-step explanation: We have to multiply through out by - 12 in order to remove the brackets and then write the answer.

    =12 (3x-3/4)

    = - 36x+9
  2. 25 March, 00:18
    An equivalent expression is

    -36 (x-1/4)

    Step-by-step explanation:

    Step one

    This problem bothers factorization of linear expression

    Step two

    Given the expression

    -12 (3x-3/4)

    Step three

    We can actually factor out some figures from the terms in the bracket

    Say we factor out 3 we have

    -12*3 (x-1/4)

    -36 (x-1/4)

    Hence the equivalent expression to

    -12 (3x-3/4)

    is - 36 (x-1/4)
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