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16 May, 18:08

How many solutions does this equation have-2c=-10c+8c

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  1. 16 May, 19:19
    There are three possible answers.

    One solution

    No solution

    Many solutions

    This has many solutions because if you add the like terms - 10c and 8c, you'd get - 2c. This makes the equation: - 2c = - 2c. c could equal anything and the equation would still be true because no matter what c is equal to, it's going to be multiplied by the same number. For example, if c=2 the equation would be - 4 = - 4. This is true. Also, if c = - 3 the equation would be 6 = 6 which is also true.
  2. 16 May, 19:29
    This equation is only going to have no solutions because if you combine like terms (the - 10c+8c) then you get - 2c=-2c and then you add 2c to both sides then you end up with no solution I believe
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