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4 June, 02:38

Fencing a garden is area right

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  1. 4 June, 04:00
    Fencing a garden would be Perimeter because your trying to find how much fencing you would need so you can surround the garden.

    The area of the garden is how much space there is. Ex. 5ft*9.5ft=47.5ft². The 5ft would be the length of the garden, and the 9.5ft would be the width. But to find area, you would need to do L*W, or 5ft*9.5ft in this case for area.

    But to find Perimeter, you need to do L+L+W+W. If we use the numbers from before for the area example, you would be doing 5ft+5ft+9.5ft+9.5ft, you would be getting 29ft.

    If you want the definitions to better understand this, here they are:

    Perimeter: the total distance around the edge of the figure.

    Area: the number of unit squares that can be contained within it. (hence the reason "²" was at the end of the total in the example for area I provided.)
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