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1 March, 01:44

How do you mutuply 60000000 x 800000896

Answers (2)
  1. 1 March, 01:49
    first you remove all the zeros of 60000000 and then multipy that with 800000896 and then add all the zeros you removed earlier

    you will get 48000053760000000
  2. 1 March, 01:52
    To multiply like that you can break it up or get rid of all the zeros multiply normally then add the zeros when you are done or you can just multiply as usual. Or you can use a calculator I got the answer 4.8000054e+16 when I put it in a calculator but my self i got 52000008760000000 I think I messed up with all the zeros but i tried. Have a great day!
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