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26 June, 10:55

What is the solution to the following equation x^2+3x+7=0

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  1. 26 June, 11:09
    No Real Solutions

    Step-by-step explanation:

    1. You are going to be "completing the square", this is in simple terms solving for the x values when you can't do so with the "original method" of multiplying the a term (first term) and c term (last term) and subtracting/adding to get the middle number.

    2. In order to find the square you take the middle term divide it by 2 and multiply it by the power of 2, you take the last term and move it to the other side of the equation.

    x^2 + 3x = - 7

    x^2 + 3x + 9/4 = - 7

    3. You have tried using the "complete the square" method and I already mentioned that the "original method" does not apply to this problem, so you now know that this problem does not have any real solutions
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