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28 February, 05:12

How to change 0.000 007 8 s to us?

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  1. 28 February, 10:56
    The letter u before any unit means micro. Micro is a unit prefix used in the metric system which actually means a factor of 10^-6 (one millionth).

    Now, 10^-6 is equivalent to a movement of 6 decimal places from left to right. So to write the number 0.0000078 s into a number which has a unit of us, therefore we move the decimal place by 6 to the right, giving us:

    7.8 us

    Another way to do this is to multiply the number by 1 million (1,000,000), so:

    0.0000078 * 1,000,000

    Using the calculator to solve, we get the value:

    7.8 us
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