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15 September, 21:09

Two advantages of solar energy over energy from Fossil fuels

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  1. 15 September, 21:31
    (1) solar energy is renewable

    (2) solar energy produce clean energy


    (1) solar energy is renewable:solar energy are naturally and easily replenished as they are being used, meanwhile fossil doesn't replace itself naturally, it get depleted easily

    (2) solar energy produce clean energy: fossil fuels has to be burned to produce energy, and when they are burned they give out toxic gases (carbon (IV) oxides, carbon (II) oxides) which are harmful to man. too much carbon (IV) oxide in the atmosphere can lead to global warming, while breathing in carbon (II) oxides is very bad for our health
  2. 16 September, 00:43
    1) Fuel Sourcing

    2) Power Generation


    1) Fuel Sourcing : Fossil fuels must be located, excavated and transported before they can be used. These processes are invasive and detrimental to the land through side effects such as erosion as well as ecological and geologic instability. Then the deposit or well is depleted. Energy from the sun is infinite and free. It can be harnessed and turned into power anywhere a solar panel can be mounted.

    2) Power Generation: Fossil fuels must be burned to produce electricity. Burning them creates unwanted byproducts that can create air and water pollution and release huge amounts of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.
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