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27 November, 18:54

All of the following is true about the Social Gospel Movement, except

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  1. 28 November, 09:37
    The answer is, all statements are true except the statement below:

    "This social Gospel represent a third party challenge to the political organization done in 1916".

    The social Gospel movement refers to an development previously, north american Protestantism which connected christian ethics with social issues.

    Activists in the social Gospel development would have liked that by general population well-being measures and also authorized educating poor people Might create talents What's more skills, those personal satisfaction of their moral exists might start on enhance. Significant worries of the social Gospel development were work reforms, for example, abolishing kid work also managing those hours of worth of effort through moms.

    It might have been most prominent in the early-20th-century united states also Canada. This social gospel development furnished an religious justification for activity with location the individuals worries.
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