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The three main schools of thought that upshur describes is

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  1. 3 March, 05:35
    The three Schools of Thoughts in ancient China are Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism.

    Taoism was founded by Lao-Tzu. It is the beginning of religion way back 550 BC. This philosophy believes in Yin and Yang, or the balance in life. It also stresses simplicity and harmony with nature.

    Confucianism, which is taught by Confucius, stresses love for humanity and harmony in thought and conduct. One of the virtues it cultivates is filial piety, or the love and respect to elders.

    Buddhism began by Sadartha Gutama, or Buddha, of India. It believes in suffering to be able to be enlightened. It also believes in afterlife and reincarnation.
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