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16 September, 00:42

PART A: Which TWO of the following identify central ideas of the text

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  1. 16 September, 00:57
    Founding of American Democracy:

    If it was for a detailed sort of answer it would take a series of books to write down the whole story. But, as we know that it took centuries for America to build itself and to become a global super power. Now, a days the American feel proud over there for fathers and most of individual wants themselves to immigrate to the US just for the reason that America is great.


    Colonization And the British invasion:

    After people from different backgrounds migrated to the US, the British invasion in the North American region was followed soon after that but then there were wars happened and the whole issue of slavery was raised and fortunately solved.

    The American Democracy a fairy tale:

    When people stands up for there rights and fight for freedom, some time they face bad luck and are pressed down, but in the US different people from different cultures raised and got freedom. As they were termed as American by "the constitutional framework" formed by the four fathers of the American nation.

    And as result now there are million of people belonging to different cultures and backgrounds living inside the US.
  2. 16 September, 02:00
    Whats the text and questions
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