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15 September, 20:42

One social change bought by development of infrastructure.

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  1. 15 September, 23:18
    Infrastructure can be described as a term used for the physical systems of a society or country. It includes the buildings, roads, power supplies, electricity etc of a society or a country. The infrastructure of a country is very crucial for its development. There are many social changes which are brought by infrastructure.

    One of the social change is the economy of a country.

    Infrastructure can raise the economy of a society or country by providing jobs for construction and maintenance of the construction projects. Infrastructure such as roads makes it possible to travel from one part to another and hence increase business. Infrastructure such as better roads also allows for family members to visit one another easily. Through infrastructure, a community is connected to a city, schools, hospitals etc. Hence, through infrastructure such as transportation and telecommunication the economy of a country can be made better.
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